Chemical Flush Central Heating

Posted on 04/10/2012 · Posted in Central Heating Flush

If you are a home owner you will know that your central heating system is an expensive and necessary commodity of modern life. You don’t want to jeopardise the quality and efficiency of this system by not keeping it clean. The best way to ensure that your central heating system continues to work at its maximum capacity is to give your system a chemical flush central heating.

Over time, the pipes of your central heating system become covered with sediment, iron oxide particles and dirt, which in time forms a thick dirty sludge with a treacle like consistency. The sludge can cause pipes to get narrower or cause blockages, making it harder for water to flow through them. This means that you may have trouble getting a consistent supply of hot water, your radiators may have cold spots or it may take a while for your house to warm up. Another indicator that chemical flush central heating is needed is that your fuel bills may be higher than expected.

Chemical flush central heating is something which we specialise in at Gas Boilers Servicing. As our engineers perform this process on a daily basis they are experts at removing harmful sludge from your pipes. After a chemical flush central heating you will notice that your system has been restored to working at its full capacity once more.

At Gas Boilers Servicing we strongly recommend fitting a central heating filter system called MagnaClean to your system after having a chemical flush central heating. MagnaClean is regarded by engineers as being the best product on the market for ensuring that your system remains clean and sludge free. 

Our polite and helpful staff will be more than happy to fix chemical flush central heating appointments around your schedule. Gas Boilers Servicing covers areas in London, Kent, Middlesex and Surrey. Our professional engineers are all highly efficient and undergo ongoing training to make sure that they reach the highest possible industrial standards. You can be safe in the knowledge that our trustworthy engineers will leave your home in the same clean and tidy state that they found it.

To find out more about how satisfied our customers are with Gas Boilers Servicing why not check out the testimonial section of our website, we are sure you will be impressed! So if you are interested in a having a chemical flush central heating at an affordable and competitive price then look no further than Gas Boilers Servicing. To find out more information and book an appointment today please contact us on…