Flushing Central Heating

Posted on 03/10/2012 · Posted in Central Heating Flush

Almost everybody at some point has had to descale their kettle. If you have ever done this you will know how much limescale accumulates over time, making your kettle less effective. Philips suggests descaling your kettle once every month if you use hard water. Many people do this but have never cleaned out their radiator pipes (known as ‘central heating flushing’). Imagine how unclean your kettle becomes if it is used regularly and apply this to your central heating system. So if you bother to spend the time making sure your kettle is working at its maximum efficiency why would you not do the same for your central heating system? Kettles on average cost about £20 to replace, however replacing your central heating system can cost thousands.

Flushing central heating is the most effective way of cleaning out your system and ensuring that all of the limescale and sludge that has built up is removed, leaving your system able to function properly once more. If left untreated this sludge can seriously affect the quality of your heating system, leading to higher fuel bills and even bring forward the date at which you will have to replace your central heating system.

A central heating flushing will eliminate noises and bangs from your boiler and prevent cold spots on your radiators. It will also stop radiator leaks and mean that you will no longer have to constantly vent or bleed your radiators. By central heating flushing you can be confident that your hot water supply will no longer be inconsistent. At Gas Boilers Servicing we also strongly recommend adding a magnetic filter such as MagnaClean to your system after having a central heating flush to prevent sludge from building up in the future.

Our engineers at Gas Boilers Servicing are all reliable and punctual; however, if for any unforeseen circumstances they happen to be running late they will instantly call you to let you know about the delay. To find out more information about flushing central heating systems, or to speak to one of our knowledgeable members of staff please give us a call today and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.