Radiator Bleed

Posted on 10/10/2012 ยท Posted in Central Heating Flush

If you are having problems with your radiators, such as cold spots, then the answer may be a radiator bleed. In order to bleed your radiators first turn up your heating high to check which radiators need bleeding. Once you have worked out how many radiators need bleeding then you should switch off your central heating system. Make sure that you also open the valves to ensure that that you are not letting in more air. Next, use your radiator key, or a flat blade screwdriver, to turn the valve in a counter clockwise direction. Keep turning slowly until a small amount of water starts coming out. This will allow any trapped air to be released from your radiator.

We suggest putting kitchen paper or an old towel on the floor before doing a radiator flush. This will ensure that your carpets and floorboards do not get dirty. Once you have finished bleeding your radiators it is important to check the pressure on your boiler. If you pressure is too low you may need to top it up. A radiator bleed is something that it is possible to do yourself; however, anything more serious will require the attention of a skilled professional.

If your radiator problems are not fixed by a radiator bleed then your system may need a power flush. By power flushing your radiators you will remove sludge, sediment, iron oxide and other harmful substances which can block your pipes. Once these deposits are removed the water can flow freely once more through your system, allowing it to work efficiently once more. This will also save you money on fuel bills.

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