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Most people are skeptical about getting things serviced as it is often cheaper to replace it than to repair it. However, with a boiler this is not the case! Therefore it is imperative to undergo gas boilers servicing to diagnose and repair faults instead of ignoring them, which can result in expensive replacements.

What are the dangers of a faulty gas boiler?
Badly maintained gas boilers or those with blocked or leaky flues can release Carbon Monoxide. On average, 400 people are admitted to hospital and 50 people are killed a year in England by Carbon Monoxide poisoning due to faulty heating appliances. Carbon Monoxide poisoning is a risk for anyone using gas, coal or oil boilers. Gas boilers servicing will detect this.
What is Carbon Monoxide?
Carbon monoxide is a tasteless, odorless poisonous gas. Inhaling high levels of Carbon Monoxide in worst cases can lead to death.
How can I make sure my gas boiler is safe?
Your gas central heating boiler should be well maintained and gas boilers servicing carried out annually. Chimney and flues should also be regularly cleaned out and always ensure rooms are well ventilated.
What is gas boilers servicing?
Gas boilers servicing is checking, testing, pre-emptive fault-spotting and cleaning. All the functions of the boiler are tested for safe operation.
Why should gas boilers servicing be done?
Even though the boiler may appear to be in good working order there may be faults that can only be unveiled during gas boilers servicing.
A regularly serviced/ maintained boiler is less likely to break down?
You should also book in gas boilers servicing to ensure your boiler is safe and not emitting any harmful gases.
Who carries out gas boilers servicing?
It is imperative you do not attempt gas boilers servicing yourself. It is illegal for anyone other than a Gas Safe registered engineer to carry out any work on a boiler.
How do I know if the engineer is Gas Safe registered?
You should arrange for a Gas Safe registered engineer to carry out gas boilers servicing annually. To check if a company/ engineer is gas safe registered you should log onto
Is it my responsibility to arrange gas boilers servicing?
If you live in rented accommodation it is your landlord’s responsibility to ensure gas boilers servicing is completed annually.

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