Central Heating Problems

Posted on 05/10/2012 · Posted in Power Flushing

Central heating problems can include leaking radiator valves, little hot water and radiators which are slow to heat up. If your boiler makes strange annoying banging noises it is another clear sign that there is something wrong with your central heating system. If you have experienced any one of these problems then you should act immediately by contacting Gas Boilers Servicing to arrange a power flush. Neglecting your central heating problems can lead to having to prematurely get a new boiler, which is an expensive and time consuming process. If you act as soon as any of these issues present themselves then you can prevent them from escalating.

These central heating problems are usually caused by the accumulation of sludge, rust and other sediment in your pipes. This harmful sediment can cause blockages and reduce the space through which water can flow. This puts  your boiler under increased pressure. Gas Boiler Servicing works with certified KAMCO professional machines which pump water and chemicals through your system, restoring them to working at their maximum efficiency once more.

At Gas Boiler Servicing we are experts at dealing with central heating problems and have a long history of satisfied customers. With extremely competitive rates and a 12 month guarantee it is not surprising that we are considered to be leaders in our field.

Gas Boiler Servicing also strongly recommends fitting a MagnaClean filter to your central heating system, which will prevent any other central heating problems from occurring in the future. MagnaClean is the best product available and has been celebrated by experts in the industry for its unique filtration system, which prevents the build up of harmful magnetic and non magnetic particles in your system.  

All of our polite and friendly engineers are fully trained so you can be confident that any power flush Gas Boilers Servicing will be completed to the highest possible standards. In order to solve your central heating problems today or find out further information please contact us by calling…..or emailing us for a free quotation.