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Boiler Maintenance. Gas Boilers Servicing

As a landlord it is imperative keep up boiler maintenance and book in your gas boilers servicing annually to keep within the law, as stated in Gas Regulation 36 from the 1994 Gas Safety, Installation and Use Regulations.

Gas boiler servicing ensures good boiler maintenance and guarantees the boiler is working to its full capacity and is at its most reliable and efficient all year round. Gas boilers servicing should be undertaken every 12 months, within a year of installation or at a change over of tenancy.

Contact Gas Boilers Servicing to book in your boiler maintenance so that you can relax in the knowledge the boiler is in safe operating order and at no risk of packing up or at worst case having a Carbon Monoxide leak which could result in Carbon Monoxide poisoning to you, your family or your tenant/s.

In 2006, Paul Clark was fined £42000, with a further £18,000 prosecution costs for the fatal carbon monoxide poisoning in 2003 of 11 year old Katie Overton. This could have been avoided if boiler maintenance had been undertaken to guarantee that there were no problems with the boiler and remedy any faults/ leaks that had been found. Katie’s death is a horrendous reminder of what can happen when gas boilers servicing and regular boiler maintenance is not carried out.

Gas boilers servicing should be completed annually by a Gas Safe registered engineer (formerly Corgi).

By calling Gas Boilers Servicing on 0208 95 16 230 or sending an email to you can guarantee you will be not only fulfilling your obligations as a landlord but also obtaining a first class service.