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How often should central heating servicing be done?

It is recommended to have central heating servicing undertaken annually; however, it really depends on how often you want the reassurance of knowing that your boiler is safe.

Central heating servicing can be more beneficial for those with an older boiler to determine any faults and allow the engineer to undertake central heating maintenance, to get the boiler back to its optimum working order. However, a new boiler is just as likely to have a carbon monoxide leak, which can be potentially fatal.

The peak time for boilers to develop issues is at the beginning of autumn when they are being turned on for the first time after months of being inactive. At this time you will often discover problems with clogged, seized up or faulty parts due to a lack of use. This is why we at Gas Boilers Servicing will recommend you to book in to have central heating maintenance at the end of the summer.

Undergoing central heating servicing regularly will ensure your boiler is safe and can improve its efficiency and performance.

What happens if central heating servicing is not carried out annually?

In most cases everything will be fine; however a wide variety of things can go wrong and unless central heating servicing is carried out you won’t know for sure that it is currently upholding correct installation and operation and whether or not the boiler is safe.

Signs that you require central heating maintenance:

• If your gas appliance is not working properly you will require central heating maintenance
• Your appliance is burning with a yellow or orange flame instead of a blue flame
• Central heating servicing would be advisable if you can see soot or yellow/brown staining around or on gas appliances
• The pilot light keeps going out
• There is increased condensation inside windows

If any of the above signs are present or you require general central heating maintenance/ servicing then call Gas Boilers Servicing on 0208 95 16 230 to arrange for one of our Gas Safe registered engineers to carry out central heating servicing for you.