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Gas Boiler Service

£ 62.50 / plus VAT
    • Gives you peace of mind
    • Professional service
    • Expert engineers

Gas Safety Certificate

£ 41.75 / plus VAT
    • Legal requirements for landlords
    • Very competitive prices
    • Lasts a year

Power Flushing

£ 199.00 / plus VAT
    • Increase system efficiency
    • Remove sludge from your pipes
    • Decrease your fuel bills

Boiler Maintenance

As a landlord it is imperative keep up boiler maintenance and book in your gas boilers servicing annually to keep within the law, as stated in Gas Regulation 36 from the 1994 Gas Safety, Installation and Use Regulations.


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Gas Boiler Service

Gas boilers are one of those things you rarely give a thought to until something goes wrong or it packs up completely. Instead of waiting for this to happen, be proactive and call Gas Boilers Servicing to book in your gas boiler service, so that we can identify and rectify any undiagnosed faults and stop them developing into major problems.


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Central Heating Servicing

It is recommended to have central heating servicing undertaken annually; however, it really depends on how often you want the reassurance of knowing that your boiler is safe.


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Special Offer

If you book in a gas certificate at the same time as your boiler service, the boiler service can be done for the reduced rate of £41.75- saving of £20.75 (excluding VAT) over 30% off.


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